Reiki basics

Q & A 

Q: So -- What IS Reiki??

Reiki is a form of energy work in which the practitioner works to strengthen the flow of spiritual energy through the client's body. 


Q: Do you have special powers?

We all do!!  Anyone can learn to practice Reiki.

The more you practice Reiki, the stronger your ability to direct the flow of energy becomes. 



Q: do you take on the client's pain when you work on him/her?

Reiki does not add, subtract, or change energy itself. It doesn't require the practitioner to give away his or her own energy or to take on a client's illness or pain. Instead, Reiki helps the client's body open fully to the flow of the energy already at work in the universe.


Q: What does it feel like to have a reiki treatment?

Clients have different perceptions of energy, but many will feel sensations of heat, tingling, or mild electrical impulses. Some clients experience strong mental images or see colors; and some have past memories surface during sessions.

clients may notice that they have tears well up "out of nowhere" (emotional release). Tears should be allowed and encouraged to flow freely, as this is a sign of energy being unblocked!

Sometimes, clients may notice that a particular area is numb. In this case, the practitioner will work to unblock that channel, possibly over several sessions. 

Rarely, clients may experience pain. Pain often represents the body's work to heal itself; however, you can ask the practitioner to stop the treatment if anything is uncomfortable or painful. 

Some clients experience no physical sensations during Reiki, and that's okay, too!


Q: Is Reiki like a massage?

Important Note: Your practitioner should always ask before placing his or her hands anywhere on your body!

Reiki practitioners learn proper hand placements for directing universal energy. These placements correspond to energy chakras. Some practitioners prefer not to touch their clients at all and simply hold their hands over the different chakra areas as they direct energy.

Although reiki does not involve the direct manipulation of physical structures, your muscles, tendons, and all physical organs may be impacted by the energy treatment.


Q: Can Reiki cure cancer?

No. Reiki doesn't purport to cure disease(s). Reiki helps the body relax and remain open to the flow of spiritual energy, which in turn enables faster healing and better health outcomes.


Q: How can i learn to practice reiki?

My own training in Albuquerque was through the Sacred Spring Reiki Collective.

I recommend their program, which you can learn more about HERE: 



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