Mickey's LEGACY


After a leg fracture ended his racing career, this gorgeous, intelligent, kind young gelding was slated to be sold to slaughter. Fortunately for Mickey and for me, Pas de Cheval Horse Rescue intervened and was able to save his life, and I adopted Mickey when he was seven years old.


All horses are special, but Mickey -- 

I think Mickey lives in more of my heart than any other.


He taught me a tremendous amount about horses, humans, riding, and myself. It may not be the savvy thing to say so, but he taught me a lot about God as well. And it was through Mickey that I found the courage to start my own business, bringing Equi-Librium's EFL (equine-facilitated learning) work to our Corrales Community. As my primary business partner, Mickey helped many humans learn to breathe deeply and allowed them to begin to heal, offering them a warm nose, soft eyes, and safe connection. 


Mickey's death in May of 2023 was a shock and a tragedy. At only 9 years old, my soulmate and "heart horse" had a sudden reaction to a routine injection and died in my arms.


Mickey's life and death are powerful reminders for me that love and connection are the most important elements in our lives. We really are ALL CONNECTED. Our Mickey Picnic, August 2023, raised $1800 in funds for Pas de Cheval Horse Rescue, as a way of continuing a legacy of love that began when this horse came into my life and irrevocably changed it for the better.

I am stronger, deeper, more honest, and more gentle because of my friendship with Mickey. 

(I miss you, buddy. Thanks for showing me how to play in the rain.)


Mickey's love is a foundational aspect of Equi-Librium's very existence. His spirit will  continue to inspire growth, outreach, and radical generosity of the heart.


with love & hope,